The Village Workshops (VW's)



There are four half day Workshops being held in the village of Kimpton, Hertfordshire  during the Autumn Term.

15th October either am or pm 
26th November either am or pm

Dear Parent,
We remain committed to providing workshop experiences of high quality as economically as possible on a regular basis for all. Click the photos or video tabs to find links to previous Workshops.

The morning workshop
This half of the workshop is designed for our youngest students, pre-twinkle, twinkle and book 1 early book 2 students. This will allow us to target the group activities appropriately and will  include:
  • 2 group sessions which may be
  • Music Mind Games.
  • Dalcroze
  • Chimes
  • Choir
  • Pitched percussion work
And also
  • A 20 min lesson slot  (minimum) with visiting teacher
  • The opportunity to perform in the informal concert that concludes the session
The afternoon workshop
With Book 2 + in mind.
  • An individual lesson
  • concert,
and two group sessions from
  • Aural,
  • Music Mind Games,
  • History
  • Listening and meaning in music.

Times : Park and meet in Kimpton school car park at 8.45 am (for morning session concluding approx 1.30) or 1.45 (for the afternoon session concluding approx. 6.30)
Lunch : Drinks / biscuits will be available in the venue.
Price : £60 per participating child.
Booking now
* If you wish to attend and you are in Book 4 or above please contact Mary as soon as possible as we will try to arrange a 30 min lesson and two appropriate activity sessions if at all 

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